“Piracy” is a concept that seems everywhere in the contemporary world. From the big screen with the dashing Jack Sparrow, to the dangers off the coast of Somalia; from the claims by the Motion Picture Association of America that piracy funds terrorism, to the political impact of pirate parties across Europe. While the spread of piracy provokes responses from the shipping and copyright industries, the reverse is also true: for every new development in capitalist technologies, some sort of “piracy” moment emerges.

Piracy Lab is based on a decade-long  collaboration with Dr Martin Fredriksson (Linkoping University, Sweden) as well as other colleagues from China to the United States and throughout. In the collaboration we look at many aspects of piracy offering broad perspective and attempts to capture the multidimensional impacts of piracy on contemporary society.

Work undertaken includes:

Arvanitakis James, Martin Fredriksson & Sonja Schillings: “Bellamy’s Rage and  Beer’s Conscience: Pirate Methodologies and the Contemporary University”, Culture Unbound, Volume 9, issue 3, 2017: 260-276. Published by Linköping University